Rainwater Harvesting for dry spells: A forgotten technology

Gardens will benefit from rainwater harvesting. Photo: Tom Marshall

Gardens will benefit from rainwater harvesting. Photo: Tom Marshall

Water Butt from Celtic Sustainables

Water Butt from Celtic Sustainables

With the heatwaves that we’ve had over the last few months we thought it would be a good time to get our sponsors from this year’s RHS, Celtic Sustainables to run another water butt offer especially for you.

Having a water butt in your garden has many benefits, including lowering the demand on mains water supplies and reducing the risk of floods!

Celtic Sustainables explain this in more detail…

The hazy hot days we had in June and July seem like a distant memory now. How quickly the weather changes and our gardens recover. Thank goodness! At one point the dry spell seemed like it was never going to end!

If you are like me, you were probably concerned about wildlife struggling in the heat and ponds drying up, the farmers not having enough grass for their animals,  – not to mention your favourite garden plants and whether there was going to be a hosepipe ban.

A hosepipe ban here in Wales, now that would really be something! But here at Celtic Sustainables in Cardigan we were quite taken aback by the increase in people coming into the shop talking about how their springs were drying up and how they are looking for solutions to collect rainwater ready for when it does next rain.

It’s a proven technology but one many of us have forgotten

The Syrians were harvesting rainwater 5,500 years ago.

A water butt or water tank connected to the downpipe from roof guttering will collect rainwater. If it rains hard for 15 minutes you can gather that water and the tanks will be full, otherwise in hot summer conditions, water will just run (or evaporate) off the land and a couple of hours later you won’t even know it has rained.

Rainwater Harvesting is a sensible thing to do

It creates an extra layer of resilience for your garden during prolonged dry spells. It is easy to retrofit downpipe connectors to your guttering and install a water butt next to your house or shed (water butts come in all shapes and sizes nowadays).

We sell quite beautiful water butts here at Celtic Sustainables, in all shapes, sizes and styles – some even come with integral planters so you don’t loose any planting space.

We also sell rainwater harvesting systems

So, if you need any advice about larger systems (1500L to 30,000L and more) for your home, smallholding or farm we can help too. We have a team of rainwater harvesting experts and a range of pump controllers that will fit just about any situation. Simply call or contact us by email (01239 777009, sales@celticsustainables.co.uk).

If you are interested in purchasing a water butt, please do check out this offer it will help the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales too.

Water Butt Offer:

10% off all 3P Technik Decorative Water Butts plus we'll donate £5 to the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales for each water butt sold AND you still get Free Delivery to mainland UK addresses!

Go to: www.celticsustainables.co.uk/water-butts/

Use Coupon Code "WILDTEN" at the checkout.

Offer ends on the Autumn Equinox: 23-September-2018

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