The Water buffalo are back… with a new friend!

Volunteer and sculpture artist Geoffrey Powell

Volunteer and sculpture artist Geoffrey Powell

The Water buffalo have once again made a welcome return to Teifi Marshes nature reserve. This year they have been joined by ‘Rusty’, a life size wire sculpture of one of these fine beasts made by local sculpture artist Geoffrey Powell. The sculpture has been installed overlooking the grazed area of marsh and can be seen by visitors when passing the enclosure. Rusty and the three Water buffalo are settling in nicely and once again the animals are proving their worth as an important conservation tool in maintaining and enhancing the marshland habitat for the variety of species that depend on it.

Geoffrey has been a long-standing volunteer and supporter of the Wildlife Trust and made the sculpture in his own time and at no cost to the Trust. From conception to completion, it took several months which included taking pictures of live Water buffalo, making a small-scale wire model, doing a life-sized drawing and welding the steel bar.

This new addition compliments another sculpture made by Geoffrey of a frog leaping into a pond. We are very grateful for Geoffrey’s energy in creating the sculpture and it has fast become a key feature and attraction on the reserve.

We are always so grateful to the wonderful work of our volunteers - we honestly wouldn't manage without them!

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