Menna’s Marathon Challenge

Menna trail running

Menna trail running

Menna after running the Gower Ultra Marathon (37 miles) 11th November

Menna after running the Gower Ultra Marathon (37 miles) 11th November

The lovely Menna Evans will be running the full length of Britain to help raise funds for The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales!

Her JustGiving page is open for donations which will be donated to us as she progresses through the incredible journey that she is about to embark upon. She tells us why she decided to take on such a mammoth task...

Following the death of my father last March, I decided that I wanted to fulfil a dream of his and that was to walk (but I’ll be running it!) from John O’Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) during the summer of 2019. However, these past 11 months of preparation and training have been going so well, that I have decided to bring JOGLE forward and start this July 2018!! I also fear that as it has been going so well, that I don’t want to push my luck and bring on any unnecessary injuries! I have successfully raced in a few half marathons and an Ultra this winter, including a win (1st Lady, 4th overall) in the Fan Dance race (which is also used as part of the SAS selection process), located in the Brecon Beacons.

So the daunting task of organising such a big challenge is underway. Including the careful planning of a (scenic but not short in distance!) route, a schedule of dates, finding an affordable motorhome suitable to keep my 68 year old Mum and 4 year old son comfortable and happy and of course any extra fundraising that can be done along the way! I’m actually finding this harder than any training I’m doing as any self-employed, single parent can vouch for, spare time is a rarity! Managing to fit training most days is hard enough, let alone time to do admin. But.. I’m not grumbling, just knuckle down and do it.. it’s a marathon in (electronic) paperwork form. Surely good practice for the summer, just less fresh air!

Every session I do is quality rather than quantity. Concentrating on form and giving 100% effort so that I maximise each session. A mixture of cross training (exercise other than running) has been key as it prevents injury and keeps it interesting and fun. It’s all about training my body to get used to being active every day and as I get closer to July will start to increase distances. Let the countdown begin!

Here’s a snapshot of the training I am typically doing right now:

Monday - Circuits at Legends Health & Fitness

Tuesday - Track session (10 x 2mins, 400m)

Wednesday - Hill repetitions (15 x 200m)

Thursday - 8 mile run (treadmill) incl. 2x 10mins steady

Friday - 12 mile (long) run and Weights Session at Legends Health & Fitness

Saturday - Swim

Sunday - Mountain Biking

Training has to remain flexible for me as I need to be able to fit family life and work around it, so days off and/or a change to the above, happen frequently.

On the lead up to JOGLE, I will be taking part in the following events:

Nant yr Arian Silver Trail Marathon - 17th March

Aberaeron to Lampeter 21 miles - 28th April

Brecon Beacons Ultra Trail Challenge - 5th May

London to Brighton Challenge 100km - 26th/27th May

Snowdonia Trail Marathon - 15th July


Please show your support and sponsor Menna... every donation helps to spur her on along the way!

If you would like to follow her progress and see what she's been up to until now, then find her on Facebook: