We Love Welsh Beaver

Beaver by Laurie Campbell

Beaver by Laurie Campbell

Your #BeaverMugShots

Your #BeaverMugShots

The Wildlife Trusts in Wales are selling #ILoveWelshBeaver mugs and are asking people to send us photos of you using the gnaw-geous new mugs. Profits from the mugs and coasters will go towards reintroducing beavers back into Wales. 

Help achieve this truly historic step forward for wildlife conservation in Wales and return these wonderful animals back to Wales. One day beavers could be on a river near you!

Beavers are native to Wales, but they became extinct in the Middle Ages due to unsustainable hunting by humans for their fur, scent glands and food - a story that has been echoed across Europe! Thankfully, through natural recolonisation and reintroduction programmes, beavers are returning to much of their former range. After a successful reintroduction in Scotland, Wales are hoping to follow in their footsteps and welcome beavers back into Wales with open arms, and Alicia, The Beaver Officer (what a job title!) explains why…

“Beavers are referred to as a ‘keystone species’ because their activity restores wetlands and river-edge woodlands to the benefit of other wildlife; they can help to provide habitats for fungi, plants, invertebrates, fish, birds and mammals. Reintroducing Beavers into Wales would also have a benefit to humans by reducing flooding, preventing soil erosion and cleaning the river water.”

Alicia continues, “We are working with The Bevis Trust based in Carmarthenshire, where a site has been selected. A licence application is now with Natural Resources Wales who are currently assessing it. We’re hoping to carry out a reintroduction as soon as possible and need funding in order to do this. There is more work to do, including preparing sites, training volunteers, developing opportunities for education and recreation, as well as sourcing, checking and releasing beavers; the list goes on. We now need a final push to get our beavers back home - that’s where the mugs come in.”

So please, bea-very supportive and buy your mug and coasters from Wildlife Trust shops (we sell them at the Welsh Wildlife Centre near Cilgerran and Parc Slip near Bridgend) or online via the North Wales Wildlife Trust’s website.

It’ll be the best dam mug you ever buy!

Be sure to send your mug shots in to us via @beaverafanc or alicia@rwtwales.org.

You can also donate via our JustGiving page.