Grangetown Art Trail!

At the end of Wales Nature Week 2021 this month we were continuing our engagement work through the My Wild Cardiff Project.

We joined the Grangetown Art Trail, a community art project based in Grangetown, for a fantastic day talking to people about wildlife gardening, with our display set up alongside workshops from local artists in the beautiful grounds of Grangetown Pavilion.

Lots of families joined us at the Pavilion to help decorate the wings of our butterfly bug hotel. Once complete the butterfly bug hotel will be installed at the physic garden at Grange Medical Practice. First we need more local people to help us finish the wings, so keep an eye out for another event in the summer.

Bug hotels are a brilliant way to increase habitats for insects in urban gardens, especially in small spaces.

If you are interested in making your own bug hotel, whether big or small, consider using these materials:

Dead wood e.g. loose bark - Beetles, centipedes, spiders and woodlice all hide beneath decaying wood and bark, which is an increasingly rare habitat.

Hollow stems e.g. old bamboo canes or holes drilled into blocks of wood - make good nesting sites for solitary bees.

Straw and hay - provide opportunities for insects to burrow and find safe hibernation sites

Dry sticks - perfect for ladybirds to hibernate in.

Nectar-producing plants - plant these around your new bug hotel to provide food for butterflies and bees.

Meg, our People and Wildlife Officer and Kerry, our Conservation Manager at our stall! (c) Madison Bowden-Parry
We asked visitors to colour in a wildlife shape and stick it on the butterfly bug hotel! (c) Madison Bowden-Parry