Facebook changes

You may have heard lately about all these changes that are being made to Facebook and it’s algorithm. All that this means is that Facebook is prioritising post by what it thinks you want to see rather than showing you posts in chronological order.

For us this means that we may appear further down your feed and you’re less likely to see our updates, pictures and videos.

But fear not. There are ways in which you can bring us back to a priority and all you have to do is tell Facebook that you want to see our posts first.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Log into your facebook account and go to your home page.
  • Click on the small drop down arrow in the top right hand corner.
  • Towards the bottom of the drop down menu you will see ‘News Feed Preferences’. Click this.
  • This will bring up a ‘Preferences’ box with a few options in it. Click on ‘Prioritise who to see first’.
  • A box will pop up displaying your friends and groups that you have joined. Select The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (and any of our other pages that you like such as Skomer Island, Skokholm Island, Parc Slip Nature Reserve, The Welsh Wildlife Centre, Oak Tree Cottage etc).