Fabulous Fungi in Brecknock

Fly Agaric by Pauline Hill

Fly Agaric by Pauline Hill

Our Brecknock team and supporters on 13th October embarked on a Fungus Walk at Buckland Hill, near Bwlch, Powys.

An incredible, over 40 species of fungi were found!

The area is predominantly conifer plantation with a few small clear felled areas on the north side. There are also a few large beech trees lining the track as well as pockets of birch and other deciduous trees. On the south side it is open common land with a stand of birch and gorse in the middle. This mixed habitat provides a myriad of opportunities for fungi to grow.


The group had barely got out of the car park before they started finding fungi. Chanterelle, Jelly Babies and bright yellow Stagshorn were scattered amongst the trees just above the track. Progressing slowly along the track and dipping into the woods on either side we found the white remains and young ‘eggs’ of Stinkhorns, yellow Sulphur Knights, black Dead Man’s Fingers and delicate, white Porcelain fungus. By a group of Beech trees there were troops of deep purple Amethyst Deceivers and white, strangely shaped Elfin Saddles.  Under another group of Beech we found a few Hedgehog fungi which have spike like structures instead of gills.

Emerging from the woods, on to the common, the short cropped grass along the paths revealed a Slippery Jack (a type of bolete with pores instead of gills) and several parasol mushrooms. This area is grazed by ponies although they weren't seen on the day.  The group then started to find delicate waxcaps in hues of yellow, orange and red.  The highlight of the day for the group was seeing the Fly Agarics under the stand of Birch trees.  The red caps were bright and glistening after the rain shower.

Many thanks to David G, Alan S and  David E for their efforts in identifying the species as we found them.

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