Breconshire Birds Annual Report 2018 is now available!

The latest report compiled by the Breconshire Ornithological Records Committee is now available for purchase. The report aims to track the fortunes of the county's birdlife, including some rarities.

You can get your copy here:

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, Brecknock office, 6 The Bulwark Offices, Brecon LD3 7LB (Mon, Wed & Fri. Tel: 01874 625708);

Biodiversity Information Service office, 6 The Bulwark Offices, LD3 7LB (Thurs & Fri, Tel:01874 610881)

£7.00 per copy (+ £1.50 postage if you are unable to call in). Cheques payable to Wildlife Trust South and West Wales.