Beware of Mowing your Lawn!

Froglet by Alan Price

Froglet by Alan Price

Are you planning to mow the lawn this weekend?

If you, or one of your neighbours have a pond please beware!

It is at this time of year that our frogs finish their metamorphosis from tadpoles into tiny miniature frogs and leave the pond. They are inclined to use evenings and are normally coloured in greens and browns, so are difficult to see until they move.

So please walk across your lawn before you get the mower out, just to check whether it moves or not. If it does move with all these little frogs about the size of your finger nail hopping about, please delay mowing for a day or two. That should give them time to get into your borders and hedges and start eating the smallest of slugs and snails.

Little froglets already have a lot of challenges to face. Please do not make dodging the lawn mower one of them.

Help us protect them.