5 reasons to engage with nature this year

Christmas has long gone and most people have now endured 4 weeks in work. With no shortage of bad news this year already, it is no surprise that people start to feel those January Blues.

But we’re here to remind you that joy can be found right on your doorstep! Simply step outside.

The link between mental wellbeing and nature has been much debated and researched.

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should let nature into your life (and office!):

1.       Nature improves your health

Daily contact with nature is linked to reduced levels of chronic stress, reductions in obesity and improved concentration. So get your colleagues outside and help them feel healthier!

2.       Nature makes happier workers

Green your office by creating an outside area and encouraging lunchtime walks. There is a 10% reduction in work absence if employees are able to look at a green space rather than a wall.

3.       Green offices boost productivity

Adding plants and photos of wildlife (or even playing birdsong!) can help your colleagues at work. Employees are 15% more productive when workplaces have even a few houseplants.

4.       Nature makes you more active

Map out local walking routes in wild places for people to enjoy at lunchtime. People with easy access to nature are three times as likely to be active as those without access.

5.       Green neighbourhoods cut depression

Natural features near houses reduce mental illness. Work with neighbours to create wildflower borders and bird feeding stations.

With over 110 nature reserves across South and West Wales, there is bound to be a little bit of paradise just waiting to be explored near you!

Start exploring our nature reserves here