WTSWW Publications and Reports 2010


Skomer Bird Report 2010 (0.8 Mb)

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Skomer Seal Report 2010 (1.9 Mb)

Skomer Systematic List 2010 (4.6 Mb)

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Academic Papers relating to WTSWW’s work or nature reserves

Caplan, C. (2010) Death on the farm: Culling badgers in North Pembrokeshire. Anthropology Today 26 (2) pp. 14-18 available here

Morris, A. J.; Macdonald, M. A.; Smart, J.; Haysom, K. A.; Rasey, A.; Williams, C.; Hobson, R.; Dines, T.; Parry, R. J.; Wilberforce, E. M. (2010) The role of desk review in assessing the potential for biodiversity delivery by the Tir Gofal agri-environment scheme in Wales. Aspects of Applied Biology 100 pp. 89-99 available here

Riou, S., Chastel, O., Lacroix, A. and Hamer. K.C (2010) Stress and parental care: Prolactin responses to acute stress throughout the breeding cycle in a long-lived bird. General and Comparative Endocrine Ecology 168 (1) pp. 8-13 available here

Riou, S., and Hamer, K.C. (2010) Lipid metabolism, begging behaviour and nestling obesity in a pelagic seabird. Functional Ecology 24 (2) pp. 340-346 available here