October- My Wild Garden Year

For this month's My Wild Garden Year challenge, look after your hibernating Hedgehogs by building a home for them in your garden. 


Hedgehogs are declining across the whole of the United Kingdom, due to loss of habitat, busy roads and obstructions to movement. Neat and tidy gardens may not provide many opportunities for Hedgehogs to nest or hibernate, so you can help by building a Hedgehog box for them. This can be as basic or fancy as you like, just as long as it’s waterproof and well ventilated.

1. Build or find a wooden box of approximate dimensions 30 x 40 x 30cm high.
2. Create an entrance tunnel or hole in the side of the box approximately the same size as a CD case (13cm x 13cm).
3. Cover the floor of the box with sawdust or earth.
4. Cover the box with plastic sheeting to keep it dry and position it in a pile of leaves or logs near a compost heap or in a shady overgrown corner.
5. Leave some bedding material outside for hedgehogs to take into the box such as leaves or straw.

You can get full instructions for building a Hedgehog box by following this link or by clicking the pictures below, as well as more hints and tips for wildlife gardening in October.

Don't forget to send us your pictures on social media using the hashtag #MyWildGardenYear or on email using the subject title 'My Wild Garden Year.

October My Wild Garden Year Hydref Fy Flwyddyn Gardd Gwyllt