Autumn Clean Cymru 2020

After sadly postponing Spring Clean Cymru due to COVID-19, Keep Wales Tidy excitedly announced that Autumn Clean Cymru would be taking place from the 11th to the 27th of September 2020.

Beach clean litter © Laura Evans / CBMWC

So, what is Autumn Clean Cymru?

Autumn Clean Cymru is part of the Great British September Clean, which is taking place at the same time across the entirety of the UK. The idea is for us all to take a stand and declare that litter is not acceptable!

Over lockdown, many of us turned to nature as a source of comfort, beauty, and inspiration. We learnt, or were reminded, as a society just how valued our wild spaces are. With the return of people, the amount of litter we are seeing in our environment has been on the rise. Our Living Seas Team wrote about this issue back in June, however the problem has only gotten worse.

But that does not mean that nothing can be done!

How can you get involved?

To ensure the safety of all of those involved, this year Autumn Clean Cymru is focusing on encouraging individuals and households to clean-up the streets, parks, and beaches, that are found on their doorstep! For those of you who are keen to get involved in this way, you can learn how to safely carry out a litter pick here, or download the Wildlife Watch guide!

Disposable cup found on a street clean © Beth Thompson / CBMWC

Our Living Seas Team will also be providing interactive activities, educational material, and interesting facts throughout the 17-day period on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You can get involved by following the accounts listed below:

Why should I get involved?

Simply remember - every one of us can make a difference.

Please ensure that any litter collected is disposed of appropriately, and that you are taking the relevant safety precautions when carrying out your pick - we would always recommend using either gloves or, ideally, a litter picker.

⚠️ If you do spend time out and about, please ensure you adhere to local COVID-19 guidelines ⚠️


Main Image: Litter picking in New Quay, Ceredigion © CBMWC