Around Wales Kayak Challange

The 2011 autumn weather prevails again...

Unfortunately the final legs of the Around Wales Kayak challenge 2011 have had to be postponed. Due to the weather delaying the start of the trip, the weather conditions throughout the trip and time constraints, the kayak challenge has had to be postponed. But the good news is that the kayakers are set for a re-attempt next April.

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A short video was put together by Neil Buckland so you can see just some of the challenges they faced! To watch the video, click here

Below is one of the final updates and some photographs from the kayakers and their challenge that ended early in September 2011.

"Due to bad weather on the 6th September we decided to head to chester to make a start on the canals and hoped the weather would be fairer to us later.

We got off to a great start, paddling around 16 to 27 miles per day depending on the number of locks we had to get through..which took 10-15minutes to navigate long as there were helpful narrow boaters around to let us through with them...later we decided to buy a lock lever and negotiate the locks ourselves. This saved us time and a number of frowning faces! The most we negotiated in one day were 25!...we were fortunate to meet many lovely people along the way. A day off for bad weather at Sever Stoke and on the 5th day we hit the Severn estuary and made our way down to Sharpness. Sadly Maurice (one of our team) had left us at this stage.

Sharpness to Clevedon was done on a spring tide and was a little hairy in places but amazing to go flying under both Severn Bridges!

Landing at Clevedon after a very long day was a  bit of a nightmare..mudsville. Luckily the local canoe club let us sleep in the store room!

Next day was the planned open crossing from Clevedon to Wales passing Cardiff, Penarth, Barry and onto Llantwit Major - clocking up another 36 miles!

Due to more bad weather we had to land next to a power station just short of Llantwit Major..not the best of places...and there we stayed for 3 days waiting for another storm to pass... yes we had been hit by the tail end of 3 hurricanes!! Last night the horses in the field trampled the I’m (Neil) trying to replace mine! Looks like we might have a weather window and be able to leave on Monday evening or Tuesday..just in time for the next weather front to arrive! What a rubbish September (weather wise!)."