Connect people with nature

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Connecting people with nature

We are passionate about wildlife and want to pass that passion on to others. We believe that to value and take action for nature, first people need to care about nature, and that lies at the heart of our work with people. We aim to:

  • Help reverse the trend of younger generations becoming increasingly disconnected from wildlife.
  • Develop the natural history skills of those already interested in wildlife.
  • Encourage people to be inspired by wildlife.
  • Help families enjoy nature, encouraging a healthy attitude to risk and dirt!
  • Bring people the wider benefits of engaging with nature, including better health.
  • Demonstrate the importance of our natural environment to our quality of life.
  • Make our activities, Nature Reserves and visitor centres available and welcoming to everyone.
Oak woodland in gentle light at dawn, The Wildlife Trusts

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Natural ways to wellbeing with Dr Amir Khan

5 ways to wellbeing


Be Active

Go outside for a walk or explore your nearest nature reserve


With the people around you, share your wildlife experiences


Do something to help your local place and the people that live there

Take Notice

Of the everyday wildness on your doorstep


Try something new outside