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Brecon Local group christmas meal

An update from Brecknock

Brecon Local Group mailing list achieves 100 subscribers! The Brecon Local Group achieved 100 subscribers in early January and continues to grow.  A steady trickle

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Llangasty bird hide at Llangorse

Winter Bird Watch in Brecknock

40 hardy people braved the wet weather to attend the Winter Bird Watch at Llangorse Lake. This annual event is a well established Brecknock favourite.

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A tree blocked the path in Ystradfawr

Trees Down in Brecknock

The stormy weather before Christmas brought down a few trees on our reserves.  This has kept Steph our Wildlife Trust Officer busy clearing paths. On

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Bilberry Bumblebee

25 bee species identified on Allt Rhongyr!

During this summer, bee expert Janice Vincett, carried out a survey of aculeate (stinging insect) species of Allt Rhongyr. The aim of the survey was

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Summer at Y Byddwn

July and August at Y Byddwn revolved mostly around family parties of birds although the highlight on August 20th involved a moth trapping evening with

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June at Y Byddwn

Despite many May and early June days being breezy and often with chilly nights, there were a lot of successes form the birds on the

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April at Y Byddwn

April at Y Byddwn has been all about birds and nest building. Many of these species are regular residents. Blackbird, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Chaffinch,

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The pond at Y Byddwn

January at Y Byddwn

Aside from working on Y Byddwn, a local Farmer has allowed me to coppice very tall and shade forming hazel along a 200 metre stretch

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Cercopis vulnerata

December at Y Byddwn

I took over management of Y Byddwn Nature Reserve in October 2016 and being a small reserve, hardly larger then 4 tennis courts, I immediately

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