New Pole Barn at Welsh Wildlife Centre

Alongside the many other exciting activities happening at the Welsh Wildlife Centre, Cilgerran, we have a new building going up. The new pole barn is a rather special building, traditionally built it both looks beautiful and will serve a very practical purpose.

The barn will store cut reed from the nature reserve, we do annual conservation cuts to ensure that areas of the reed bed are left open to allow for a diversity of species. The reeds would otherwise take over the area and create more of a monoculture which is not so good for wildlife.

Pole barn at the Welsh Wildlife Centre

Pole barn at the Welsh Wildlife Centre

The reed will then be dried and stored in bales which will then be burnt in the biomass boiler which will be installed at the Welsh Wildlife Centre this year.

The barn has been built using traditional heritage building methods and even in its skeletal form it is clear that this will be a beautiful visual asset to the Centre as well as providing some invaluable storage space.