Wilder Wales

Speak up for Nature. Photo: Chris Gomersall

Speak up for Nature. Photo: Chris Gomersall

We want a greener, happier and healthier Wales. Photo: Andrew Parkinson

We want a greener, happier and healthier Wales. Photo: Andrew Parkinson

We want a greener, healthier and happier Wales

We have an exciting opportunity to make changes to land policy in Wales and create a future where people and wildlife can thrive together.

This comes at a critical time; we’ve seen 56% of our wildlife and habitats decline; one in ten of our plants and animals are facing extinction. We must act now to reverse this damage and create a Wales that’s bursting with nature for future generations.

Speak up for nature and tell Welsh Government you want a land policy that protects wildlife and the environment. For the link in Welsh click here.

What does a wilder Wales look like?

Wouldn’t you love to live in a world where the air is cleaner, our homes and buildings are greener and seeing a hedgehog is an everyday experience. This is not a pipe dream – with the right investment and changes in policy – this can be the future we give to our children.

Wilder, greener cities
We need to bring nature back to our cities. By replacing concrete with green roofs, green walls, pocket parks and planting more trees and flowers we can bring wildlife back into everyone’s daily lives.

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Nature-friendly farming
We need farming and conservation to go hand in hand. By creating space for nature on farmland and stopping pollution, we can bring back healthy populations of pollinators like bees and butterflies, clean up polluted rivers, streams and lakes and restore important habitats.

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Living seas
We need to protect our seas and restore fish stocks. By fishing sustainably and creating protected areas of the sea, fish stocks can improve, and marine life can flourish. We also need a better market in Wales for local, sustainably caught fish.

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Restored habitats
We need to restore and improve important habitats like peatlands, meadows and heathlands. If healthy, these habitats will help reverse the decline in wildlife, reduce flooding and store carbon.

Thriving wildlife
We need to create a connected, nation-wide network of habitats. By creating new wildlife corridors animals can move freely and thrive alongside us.

Why is it important?

Nature depends on us, and we depend on nature. We need to invest time, effort and money into bringing wildlife back for the sake of our health and happiness.


A healthy environment gives us the basic things that we need to be healthy: clean air and water, nutritious food and healthy lifestyles.


Research across the world has shown that being in wild, green spaces, connecting with nature, is good for our mental health. It can improve our mood, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, relieve stress and improve confidence and self-esteem.


If we let nature recover it can help us adapt to things like climate change and a growing population. It can help us reduce flooding, shade us from the hot sun and it can absorb carbon.


Our natural resources support our economy in Wales. Some of our key industries are tourism, renewable energy, agriculture, forestry and construction. By investing in the environment and managing these precious natural resources sustainably we can grow our economy and create more jobs across Wales.

How you can help

The most important thing you can do before 30 October 2018 is respond to the Welsh Government Brexit and Our Land consultation.

We’ve made it simple for you to respond – you can use our standard letter and make it personal to you.

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