Updates from our Brecknock Nature Reserves

Paths, gates and rock falls, the Brecknock team have been busy this Spring!

During April and early May we have been doing some repairs on the Brecknock Nature Reserves using materials purchased with the NRW Strategic Partnership grant. 

A 12’ gate was replaced at Glasbury Cutting and firmly shut to keep the horses off the reserve.  At Wern Plemys two kissing gates were repaired, thanks to help from the Trust staff. 

Volunteer involvement is cautiously starting.  After some habitat/ash tree management we had a couple of bonfires at Pen y Waun to clear the brash and a carpet of cowslips greeted us. 

At the ever changing Pwll y Wrach, a new oven sized rock has appeared on the path by the bench.  To start with we thought the contractor had put it there to stop people trying to drive to the waterfall but then we followed its trail of destruction up the slope to a small cliff face!

We have had a few two person sessions at Pwll y Wrach and were delighted last week to be able to have a small party of volunteers for the task of repairing the path and steps and moving a great pile of stone surfacing from a pile onto the path.  

We hope that these improvements will make up for some of the paths being closed elsewhere in the wood.

Stephanie Coates, Wildlife Trust Officer

New gate at Glasbury Cutting
Two new kissing gates at Wern Plemys