Principality Puffins Rugby keep winning (and adopting!)

The Prinicipality Puffins Touch Rugby Team

The Prinicipality Puffins Touch Rugby Team

Puffin. Photo: Gillian Day

Puffin. Photo: Gillian Day

The Principality Puffins touch rugby team was set-up in 2015 and from the very start made a commitment to adopt a Wildlife Trust’s Skomer Island Puffin for every win they achieved in the WRU Summer Leagues.

They now have three teams, including a Puffins Homeless Rugby Team which consists of players from the School of Hard Knocks, Crisis Cymru and The Wallich, along with staff members from Principality Building Society and other players from organisations like BT and BBC Wales.

The Puffins team won 10 games this season and qualified for the playoffs in two divisions, and as a result will adopt 10 Skomer Island Puffins, bringing their ‘rugby running’ total to 40 adoptions since 2015.

James Harper, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Principality Building Society and Puffins Head Coach, said

“It’s been another action packed season for the Puffins rugby team and we are very proud of the way in which the great sport of rugby can be used to make a positive difference to communities and to the conservation of such a wonderful sea bird. We wanted our rugby activities to be community focused and whenever we tell opposing sides about our Puffin adoptions it puts a big smile on faces.

It’s nice to win 10 games and nicer still to think that each win will go some way into protecting one of the biggest Puffin colonies in Britain. The educational packs also get donated to local schools and it’s lovely to know that future generations are getting to find out about the amazing work being done by The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales too.”

Rebecca Vincent, Marketing and Communications Officer for The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales said

“We’re absolutely delighted to continue to receive support from the principality puffins. Their contribution will go towards our vital conservation work and research on the island to safeguard these species for the future. GO PUFFINS”

Find out more about the different ways in which you can help support the work of The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales or to adopt a wildlife species.

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