My Wild Cardiff updates

This month the My Wild Cardiff Project has taken us to some new areas of Cardiff.

On a sunny Sunday in July we spent a great afternoon exploring the Diana Garden Regeneration Project in Ely. The garden, opened by Princess Diana in 1993, had been left to disrepair for several years. Regeneration of the garden in 2018 through local community efforts, with the support of ACE (Action in Caerau and Ely).

There is still work to do at the garden but already the community have started to repair the paths, planted fruit trees and created a bee bank; and they have big plans to do more for wildlife in the future.

It was brilliant to spend the afternoon and looking for minibeasts, especially butterflies and bumblebees, with local children. We even found two slowworms and a common beetle larvae. The project is a great example of the hidden wildlife havens we have in the City, and we hope to be back at the garden later in August.

We’ve also been busy building mini ‘bug hotels’ with children at the Butetown Pavilion Eco Club and as part of the Summer of Smiles program at Grange Pavilion.

-- Megan Howells, People and Wildlife Officer