Meet our new Nature Recovery Manager, Rhodri Irranca-Davies!

Rhodri joined the team this month and is looking forward to experiencing everything The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has to offer.

I have always felt a deep connection with the natural world as a result of growing up on a small rural farm in the Swansea Valleys. This developed into a keen interest in biological sciences, culminating in my study of Marine Biology at Bangor University for my undergraduate degree, and then Plymouth University for a research-based master’s programme. This was supplemented by varied work in the marine and environmental monitoring sector.

In my free time I also enjoy connecting with the natural world, and have always strived to be an ambassador for Welsh nature and wildlife through my photography and videography.

Yet despite my persevering love for hard-core ecology, an emerging passion of mine is in conservation, environmental management, and science communication. One of the significant conclusions I made in my professional career so far is that the effective and stimulating communication of science is equally as important as the science itself.

Without the positive engagement of us - the public - the science-backed actions needed for the preservation of Wales’ (and Earth’s) great habitats and species would be impossible to conduct.

There are many challenges facing us – it is well reported that we now live in one of Earths most nature-depleted countries.

Knowing this, I am therefore pleased to be here at WTSWW in my new role as Nature Recovery Manager, and I will work tirelessly with our dedicated staff and volunteers, and diverse partners, to conserve the wonderful habitats and species residing on our doorsteps. I look forward to taking a stand for our natural world here in Wales, and with your support, endeavour to realise our goal of protecting and conserving 30% of our land and sea for nature by 2030.

To me, ‘hiraeth’ means a deep longing for nature. Because nature is home.