Feed Rudolph (and the birds) this Christmas!

Deer on Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve by Colin Dalton

Deer on Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve by Colin Dalton

Rudolph and friends won’t be the only hungry ones this Christmas!

It may be tempting to buy ready made reindeer food, but beware! Many shop bought reindeer food are packed full of glitter which if ingested by wildlife can be harmful. So why not get creative this festive season and make your own reindeer food?

Not only is it festive fun for the whole family but it also provides the perfect fuel for reindeer and birds alike for flying high and keeping warm in wintery months!

Perfect recipe for Rudolph

Mix up the following nice ingredients, but skip the naughty items!


Raw porridge oats and sunflower seeds can make up the bulk of the reindeer food, these offer essential fat and carbohydrate content for keeping warm on those frosty mornings in the North Pole!

Add Nyjer seeds for some darker colour and sparkle! This oil rich seed is perfect for keeping up energy whilst Rudolph and friends are busy delivering presents all around the globe!

Add a splash of blue(berries) or apple to provide the perfect winter treat!


Now, there is a misconception that reindeer food needs to be sparkle to be seen from high in the sky. This is not the case – in fact glitter, sequins or anything made from plastic can cause stomach problems for most animals if eaten. Glitter is also a microplastic! The pieces are so small they could cause a problem for the environment for a long time. Cake sprinkles or edible glitter are also no good as they contain lots of e-numbers.

 Making sure you’ve skipped all the naughty items – you’re reindeer food is ready to go!

On Christmas Eve, sprinkle the food into a tray or bowl and Rudolph and friends (and the birds) will have a festive treat!