Magnificent Moths at Darren Fawr

Setting up the Moth traps at Darren Fawr

Setting up the Moth traps at Darren Fawr

Checking the Moth traps the next day

Checking the Moth traps the next day

80 plus species were recorded at the Darren Fawr moth group day and night!

On 8th July the Brecknock moth group met at Merthyr Golf club together with WTSWW staff to put out 6 moth traps on the common known as Cefn Cil-Sanws, the intention was to reach the nature reserve Darren Fawr which has limestone grassland.  However it was a step too far and bracken and rocks slowed us down carrying our traps and batteries.

It was getting dark as the last trap was put out above the privately owned slopes of Dan y Darren Local Wildlife Site and quarry.  It was a warm evening with plenty of midges and we stayed out until almost midnight walking slowly back along the common and checking the traps.

The next morning we met again and started emptying our moth traps, soon we were joined by Lorna Baggett’s Valleys Volunteers.  We found so many moths it was a long morning emptying the traps with a wide range of species including Annulet.  The larvae of this lacy looking moth feeds on rock rose, salad burnet and birds foot trefoil and is also  found nearer the sea.


After all this recording  of 80 plus species, some spent the rest of the morning cutting bracken that is spreading over the heath and grassland.

We also noticed large fritillaries fluttering about and Keith Noble was able to get a lovely picture of the underside on one which confirms that it was a dark green fritillary.

Dark Green Fritillary

Dark Green Fritillary. Photo: Keith Noble

Thanks to the Brecknock Moth Group and Dr Norman Lowe and the Valleys & Brecknock volunteers.

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