Ash Dieback at South Lodge Woods

You might be aware that we have been developing a strategy for dealing with issues arising from Ash Die Back disease. Ash die back is a tree disease that targets and kills off ash trees. Where possible we are going to leave the infected trees to deteriorate on their own, thus allowing wildlife to exploit the many opportunities that these dying trees will provide, whilst giving the surrounding vegetation time to adapt. However where the trees present a hazard due to their proximity to people or property we are having to take a more proactive approach.

Unfortunately one of these places is at South Lodge Woods, part of our Castle Woods Nature Reserve. One end of the woods abuts properties on the edge of Llandeilo. In several places the trees have grown right out and are leaning over gardens and houses. Last July we carried out tree health assessments on these ash trees, and we noticed that they were all showing signs of ash die back disease, and some were becoming dangerous. We consequently made the decision to act and cut the trees down, thereby removing the hazard. This work is planned for March 2020. We have chosen this time specifically as birds will have yet to start nesting within the trees and any bats should have come out of hibernation.

Cutting trees down is not something we chose to do lightly. Loss of habitat is something we strive against as a wildlife organisation that preaches about conservation, however where human life is put at risk this has to become the main priority. We shall not touch any tree that appears to be showing any immunity to the disease or any tree that doesn’t pose a risk to human life.

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