Christian Ball, Welshpool High School, 8th-12th July 2013

I decided that for my work placement I would like to work in the field of marine wildlife conservation and I found that the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre wasn’t too far away for me to travel. Fortunately CBMWC offered me the perfect work placement so I seized the opportunity and was delighted to be working here.

All the volunteers at the centre were very helpful and polite offering very useful advise. My experience at CBMWC has been one of the most memorable, as I have witnessed first hand how everyone can help in conserving the marine life around the UK and especially in Wales, demonstrating how important conservation is.

During my work placement I have observed the dolphins every day and have been out on the boats with the dolphins swimming under the boat which proved to be the best moment of my trip. I also enjoyed doing land surveys with both volunteers Lee and Phoebe . It was great to talk to the volunteers who told me where I could study and made it clear to me that volunteering is important to give you the vital experience before you can properly get into the job of your dreams.

I have had a stunning week and have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all. Thank you once again to Laura and everybody.