Chloe Hatton, Blessed William High School, Staffordshire, 16-25th July 2012

Work experience with CBMWC was brilliant! Every volunteer I worked with was really friendly and made the experience a lot less daunting. I’ve always wanted to study marine biology, and I was given some really helpful advice about university and other work experience from them. Thanks everyone! They were also happy to explain all about the wildlife which we were seeing, how to work within the centre, and how to record sightings – which I did just about get the hang of! Every day on my land surveys at least two bottlenose dolphins were seen from the harbour wall, which was amazing in itself, but the highlight of my week was getting out on Sulaire for a boat trip. The water was really calm and we were lucky enough to spot a small group of dolphins, a jellyfish and a seal, as well as lots of seabirds. Yay! One afternoon was also spent rock-pooling for the tank in the centre, and we were pretty excited to find a few fish, lots of hermit crabs and even a dogfish egg which I wish I could be there to watch as it hatches! Towards the end of my work experience the education centre also opened, and it was really interesting to see the work that was done in there too.
Overall it was an amazing eight days, I’ll always remember the experience and I’d love to come back again to volunteer in a few years time. Thank you!