Imogen’s story

Meet Imogen Ruth Lloyd Kingston. At 10 years old and our youngest #WILDFundraiser, Imogen has just completed her first Pentathlon to raise money for Skomer Island. Here’s what she had to say..


I’m Imogen Ruth Lloyd Kingston and I’ve just done my first pentathlon!!!

My grandad loved nature, and to celebrate this every year on his birthday May 5th, I raise money for a local wildlife project!

In my pentathlon I: Ran 5, rock climbed at Morfa Bychan, went horse-riding at Pendine, kayaked down the river Tywi and cycled 5k back home!

The reason I chose to do a pentathlon is because I love wildlife and love to see my donation have a happy impact on it and I am very adventurous and energetic.

Doing five of your favourite sports in one day- what could be more exciting??? ( okay apart from the fact that my limbs nearly fell off!!) 

I’ve previously helped to fund a new roof for the hogs at Pembrokeshire Hogspital, local footpaths, nestboxes, webcams and this year I’m very excited to be giving to Skomer island again. I can’t wait to go there and see what the money is being put towards! I love puffins! They are so cute!