Unknown Wales Conference 2016

Marsh Fritilary by Amy Lewis

Marsh Fritilary by Amy Lewis

Unknown Wales Conference

Unknown Wales Conference

The Unknown Wales Conference is back again this year and will take place on Saturday 8th October at the National Museum in Cardiff.

From the humble limpet to the charismatic pine martin, Unknown Wales once again offers an insight into the lesser known side of Wales' natural world. Birds in your garden, fungi under your feet, butterflies and insects in the air and to wrap up we are delighted to welcome Professor Mike Benton who will bring last year's big discovery, the new Welsh Dinosaur, back to life for us.

The schedule is as follows:

10-10:30am - Arrival for tea and coffee

10:30-10:35 - Introduction to the day by the chair

10:35-11:05 - kelvin Jones: The Garden Bird Watch in Wales. The British Trust for Ornithology presents the trend in our garden birds.

11:05-11:35 - John Archer-Thomson: The impact of the Sea Empress oil spill on limpets. The Limpets of Frenchman's Steps before, during and twenty years after the Sea Empress oil spill.

11:35-11:45 - Comfort Break

11:45-12:15 - Lynne Boddy: The mysterious hidden Kingdom Fungi. Fungi are crucial for the functions of planet Earth. Discover their amazing world and why we couldn't survive without them.

12:15-12:45 - Rob Parry: Call in the Reinforcements. How population reinforcements may help the Marsh Fritillary butterfly in South Wales.

12:45-13:15 - Lunch Break (Buy from the museum cafe or bring your own packed lunch)

13:45-13:50 - Afternoon Session Welcome

13:50-14:20 - Jenny MacPherson: Back from the Brink. Pine Marten recovery project in Wales.

14:20-14:50 - Mike Wilson & Liam Olds: Spoilt for choice. The surprising invertebrate fauna of South Wales coal tips.

14:50-15:30 - Mike Benton: The Welsh Dinosaur Dracoraptor. How mass extinctions triggered the rise of the dinosaurs.

15:30 - Conference Close

Admission is free but booking is required. Please contact info@welshwildlife.org to book your space.