A New Van Gogh Uncovered at the Welsh Wildlife Centre?

Ok - perhaps we exaggerate a little, however the Local Group has some real talent within it, as demonstrated by our newest piece of art up at the Welsh Wildlife Centre.

Colin David, very active member of the local group, created the design and then did a fantastic job of encouraging visitors to the centre to join in, he even got our Chief Executive, Sarah, to have a dabble. Sarah said "I was painting for an hour and in that time there were at least six children and two adults who also joined in. The atmosphere was terrific, and even relatives who weren’t joining in with the painting were enjoying sitting and chatting to us."

Welsh Wildlife Centre mural

Sarah Kessell shows off her skills

Being able to take part in this allowed children to have some fun whilst leaving us with a rather lovely legacy depicting the wide range of wildlife in our area (and some which is not..spot the parrot!)