Marine Appeal

Basking Shark Dan Burton

Basking Shark Dan Burton

Your Precious Marine Wildlife Has Declined By 39% Help Turn the Tide

Our Welsh coast is truly amazing and enjoyed by so many.
However, the truth of what’s happening beneath the waves is not widely known. Our precious marine wildlife, on both the seabed and in the water column, is in rapid decline.

Worldwide marine species have declined by 39% between 1970 and 2010.
Basking shark numbers have fallen by more than 95%

Dolphins Sarah Perry CBMWC

Dolphins by Sarah Perry out in Cardigan Bay

The Wildlife Trusts Marine Bill Campaign played a pivotal role in convincing the UK Government to pass new laws to protect our seas but there is much more we can do to protect our precious marine wildlife but only if we act now!

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales are working tirelessly to deliver a vision for Living Seas where marine wildlife thrives. We cover almost half of Wales’s coast so we have a key role to play in actively working to conserve the marine environment.

Our appeal target is £10,000 and reaching it will:

•Enable our marine ecologists to carry out valuable research and provide necessary data to policymakers.
•Allow our teams to use that information, along with our local knowledge, to take steps to actively reverse the decline and improve the local marine environment.
•Help us create and run volunteer programmes focused on marine conservation.
•Inspire communities to care about and protect the wonderful marine wildlife on our doorstep.
•Develop resources linked to the National Curriculum to inspire young people.
•Raise awareness of the importance of Wales’ marine heritage through our Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre.

The quickest, cheapest and easiest way to donate is to call Nicola, Jane or Jon in the office during working hours on 01656 724100 with your debit or credit card details.

Whatever you choose to give towards our target will be used to make a real difference.

We’ve seen the seas decline in our lifetime. Together we could see them thrive too.