The Seabird’s Cry (Hardback)


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The Seabird’s Cry by Adam Nicolson

“No one has previously captured the essence of seabirds with such poignancy or perception as Adam Nicolson” – Tim Birkhead FRS, BBC Wildlife Magazine

“I was entranced [by] the beautiful deftness of the prose. This marvellous book inhabits with graceful ease both the mythic and the scientific, and remains alert to the vulnerability of these birds as well as to their wonder… a work that takes wing in the mind” – Robert Macfarlane

Seabirds are master navigators, thriving in the most demanding environment on earth. In this masterly book, drawing on all the most recent research, Adam Nicolson follows them to the coasts and islands of Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and the Americas. Beautifully illustrated by Kate Boxer, The Seabird’s Cry is a celebration of the wonders of the only creatures at home in the air, on land and on the sea. It is also a warning. Given the collapse in their numbers there is a danger that the grand cry of the seabird colony will, this century, become but a memory.

“A beautiful and engrossin book… there is no one I’d rather read writing about these creatures” – Tim Dee, Country Life

“Breathtaking… Nicolson has an intuitive understanding of the birds that feels almost uncanny… His swithering between the forensic and the poetic creates a sense of wonder” – Maggie Fergusson – Spectator

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