WTSWW Publications and Reports 2017

Conservation Team

WTSWW Conservation Team Report 16-17 - A report summarising the work of the conservation staff during the financial year. (5 Mb)


Skomer Island Bird Report 2017 (4 Mb)

Skomer Seabird Report 2017 (in prep) (1Mb)

Skomer Seal Report 2017 (6Mb)

Skokholm Seabird Report 2017 (5.2 Mb)


No content to date

Academic Papers relating to WTSWW's work or nature reserves

Birkhead, T.R., Thompson, J.E. & Biggins, J.D. (2017) Egg shape in the Common Guillemot Uria aalge and Brunnich’s Guillemot U. lomvia: not a rolling matter? Journal of Ornithology 158 (3) pp. 679–685

Birkhead, T.R., Thompson, J.E., Jackson, D & Biggins, J.D. (2017) The point of a Guillemot's egg. IBIS 159 (2) pp. 255-265

Fayet, AL, Shoji, A, Freeman, R et al., (2017). Within-pair similarity in migration route and female winter foraging effort predict pair breeding performance in a monogamous seabird. Marine Ecology: Progress Series.