WTSWW Publications and Reports 2016

Orange Tips by Rob Parry

Orange Tips by Rob Parry

Conservation Team

Conservation Team Report 2015-2016 - A report summarising the work of the conservation staff during the financial year.

Research Report 2016 (2.5 Mb)


Skokholm Seabird Report 2016 (6 Mb)

Skokholm Annual Report 2016 (20 Mb)

Skomer Seabird Report 2016 (3 Mb)

Skomer Seal Report 2016 (4 Mb)

Skomer Wildlife Report 2016 (12 Mb)

Skomer Annual Report 2016 (0.9 Mb)


Puffin productivity at the Wick, Skomer (2016) (0.2 Mb)

Annual Surveillance of Choughs on Skomer & Skokholm SPA in 2016.  (0.4 Mb) - Jane Hodges.

Improving the History Trail on Skomer Island (0.4 Mb)  - Hannah Andrews

Influence of Wind Direction on the Rafting Manx Shearwaters of Skomer (0.3 Mb) - Cerren Richards

Oystercatcher Productivity on Skomer Island 2016 (0.7 Mb) - Jane Taylor

Record of Significant Damage to Vegetation on Skomer 2016 (1.4 Mb) - Mike Alexander et al

Skomer Voles in 2016 (0.2 Mb) - Alice Brooke

Academic Papers relating to WTSWW's work or nature reserves

Compton, E., Daley, L.F., Stubbings, E.M., Büche, B.I., and Wood, M. (2016). Diet, ecology and biosecurity: analysis of owl pellets from Skomer Island. Birds in Wales 13(1): 57-72

Fayet, AL., Freeman, R., Shoji, A., Boyle, D., Kirk, H., Dean, B., Perrins, C.M. & Guilford, T. (2016) Drivers and fitness consequences of dispersive migration in a pelagic seabird. Behavioural Ecology 27 (4) pp. 1061-1072.

Fayet, AL., Freeman, R., Shoji, A., Boyle, D., Kirk, H., Padget, O., Perrins, C.M. & Guilford, T (2016) Carry-over effects on the annual cycle of a migratory seabird: an experimental study. Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (6) pp. 1516-1527. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.12580

Hiley, H., Perry, S., Hartley, S. & King, S (2016) What’s occurring? Ultrasonic signature whistle use in Welsh bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates). Bioacoustics 26 (1)  pp. 25-35

Morley, T.I., Fayet, A.L., Jessop, H., Veron, V., Veron, M., Clark, J. and M.J. Wood (2016). The seabird wreck in the Bay of Biscay and Southwest Approaches in 2014: A review of reported mortality. Seabird 29: 22-38

Shoji, A., Dean, B. Kirk, H., Freeman, R., Perrins, C.M. & Guilford, T. (2016) The diving behaviour of the Manx Shearwater Puffinus puffinus. IBIS 198 (3) pp. 598-606 DOI: 10.1111/ibi.12381

Shoji, A., Aris-Brosou, S., Owen, E. et al. (2016) Foraging flexibility and search patterns are unlinked during breeding in a free-ranging seabird  Marine Biology163: 72. doi:10.1007/s00227-016-2826-x

Unsworth, RKF & Jones, BL (2016) The perilous state of seagrass in the British Isles  Royal Society Open Science DOI: 10.1098/rsos.150596

Wallbank, C & Birkhead, T (2016) Bird Journal of Landscape Architecture 11 (1) pp56-65