WTSWW Publications and Reports 2014

Conservation Team

Conservation Report 2013-2014 (4.6 Mb) A report summarising the work of the conservation staff during the financial year

WTSWW Research Report 2014 (0.5 Mb) A report summarising all research and original survey work undertaken by WTSWW and its partners or hosted by WTSWW on its nature reserves during 2014.


Skokholm Seabird Report 2014 (5.25 Mb)

Skokholm Annual Report 2014 (15 Mb)

Skomer Seabird Report 2014 Draft (1.64 Mb)

Skomer Annual Report 2014 (0.5 Mb)

Skomer Bird Report 2014 (3.39 Mb)

Skomer Seal Report 2014 (3.5 Mb)

Appendix I: Skomer Seabird Report 2014 Draft (1.64 Mb)

Appendix II: Skomer Bird Report 2014 (3.39 Mb)

Appendix III: Wick Puffin Breeding Success Report 2014 (28 Kb)

Appendix IV: Skomer Seal Report 2014 (3.5 Mb)

Appendix V: Skomer report on research on voles 2001-2013 M Loughran (900 Kb)

Appendix VI: BSG Pembrokeshire Islands Bat Report 2014 (1.4 Mb)

Appendix VII: LTV Report Catherine Blower 2014 (157 Kb)

Appendix VIII: LTV Report Holly Dillon August 2014 (78 Kb)

Appendix IX: LTV Report Megan Jones August 2014 (157 Kb)

Appendix X: LTV Report Sophia Jackson 2014 (162 Kb)

Appendix XI: Research report (see Conservation Team section above)


Clear Streams Swansea

Reconnecting our South Wales Water Voles

Castle Woods Badger Vaccination Report 2014

The Ecology Of The Marsh Pea

Academic Papers relating to WTSWW’s work or nature reserves

Birkhead, T.R. (2014) Stormy outlook for long-term ecological studies. Nature volume 514 pp. 405 available here

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Rhind, P.M. (2014) Conservation and management of coastal slope woodlands with particular reference to Wales. Journal of Coastal Conservation, September 2014 available here

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