Private landings on Skomer

Skomer - Mike Alexander

If you are a private lander on Skomer Island then the cost is £15 per person and you can land Tuesday-Sunday between 10am – 4pm. This new time will help our islands team keep track of people coming onto the island and they can receive a proper introduction talk.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – North Haven Beach Landing closed until further notice.

During February 2021 there was a sizeable rock fall in Skomer North Haven, which entirely blocked access from the beach landing point at SM 73515 09460.

We have since cleared an estimated 60 tonnes of soil, rocks and boulders and commissioned a professional survey of the cliff-face above.

Until we are able to implement the recommendations of this survey later this autumn, the cliff above the North Haven landing remains unstable, with rocks continuing to fall. It is therefore unsafe for members of the public to access the island from the water at this point for the foreseeable future.
We politely request that water users do not leave tenders or kayaks tied up at the ferry landing steps. This can interfere with the ferry service which runs to a tight schedule and will utilize all the landing points each day.

We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause, but are unable to take remedial action until the burrow nesting seabird season is completed in October.

In the meantime, landings are solely via the Dale Sailing Ferry service which will recommence on 27 April 2021. Tickets can be purchased in advance on-line here

Thank you for your co-operation
The Skomer Team

Contact Numbers for island staff:
Warden: 07971 114302
Visitor Officer: 07530 796150
Assistant Warden: 07816 990371