The sun shines at the Pembrokeshire BioBlitz

Pembrokeshire’s first BioBlitz held on the 21st and 22nd of July, was a resounding success seeing great weather with good numbers of people attending the numerous survey and recording sessions taking place throughout the 24 hours of the event.

The BioBlitz saw scientists, conservationists, local species recorders and members of the public work together to survey species, both flora and fauna, at the National Trust’s Stackpole Estate in the south of the county.

Freshwater and rock pool forays, butterfly, hedgerow, dragonfly, mammal, bat and moth surveys along with bushcraft experiences were some of the sessions taking place during the BioBlitz.

All records obtained during the event have been sent to the Local Records Centre (West Wales Biodiversity and Information Centre) and will go some way in enhancing the biodiversity record sheet of the county.

The total number of species recorded is still to be determined and although the sun was shining, many were not as abundant as expected. The wet summer has certainly had an effect on wildlife this year with species such as butterflies feeling the impact. Some plant species on the other hand have Seine netting at Stackpole Bioblitz. Examining the catchdone extremely well.

With the success of this year’s efforts, the hope is to continue the BioBlitz ethos at various other sites within Pembrokeshire come 2013.