Island Adventures on Skomer

August has arrived on Skomer Island. With sadness we have seen our seabirds leave for their feeding grounds. The cliffs are quieter as the Guillemot and Razorbill chicks have made the leap into their watery future. Puffins have been hanging around later than usual and entertaining our visitors but they will be heading off into the wild Atlantic too. All our hard work counting, watching, weighing, ringing and measuring these birds seems a distant memory.

Skomer Island AdventureBut there’s a new noise echoing around Skomer. It’s the cheerful laughter of children enjoying their summer holidays. Armed with one of our new family trails packs, Skomer is becoming a more desirable destination for a family visit than ever before.

Your little ones will meet our Island Friends characters including Puffin Pal, who will lead them around the island, discovering Skomer and its seas. Thanks to the hard work of lifelong Skomer fans Lucy Griffiths and Chris Thomas, the Wildlife Trust can offer these trails to any family to borrow when visiting the island.

And just to make sure that Skomer Island becomes that favourite memory of your summer holiday, we’ve got a special offer this August – under-16s visit for free (with a paying adult).

But for the full Skomer experience why not book a night on the island in our hostel during Shearwater week and meet some of our Manx Shearwaters. You might even see some of the chicks taking their first flaps on their long journey to South America!

Manx Shearwater Week

Manx shearwaters are one of the most spectacular of the islands inhabitants and yet they are never seen by the day visitor. The birds return to the island by the thousands at night with their incredible calls filling the night sky.

So join us over Manx Shearwater Week  August 20th to the 27th and watch the chicks leave their nest and take their first flight, see some of the cutting edge research in action and there will be talks nightly about this long distance seafarers. Normal booking prices apply.

Book Now 01239 621212 (Mon-Fri)  boat fare is not included in any of the prices and must be paid on the boat