March- My Wild Garden Year

For this month's My Wild Garden Year challenge, create a wildlife-friendly compost heap for the Hedgehogs, Slow Worms and Invertebrates in your garden. 

A compost heap is a great way of getting rid of your kitchen and garden waste, whilst creating food for your garden and a home for wildlife at the same time. Invertebrates such as beetles and worms will feed on the decaying matter, which in turn will attract Slow Worms, Hedgehogs and Toads.

1. Choose a sunny spot as this will help the compost rot down more rapidly.
2. Buy a ready-made container or make one from recycled pieces of timber. Try to have a few gaps in the side of your bin which will allow wildlife such as Slow Worms in and out. Make sure it has a waterproof lid.
3. Anything green can be put in your compost heap – weeds, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, paper. Avoid putting in cooked food which will attract rodents, or ash and faeces which will change the condition of the compost.
4. The compost will be ready when it looks dark brown and earthy.

You can get more instructions for creating compost bins by clicking this link and the pictures below, as well as more hints and tips for wildlife gardening in March.

Don't forget to send us your pictures on social media using the hashtag #MyWildGardenYear or on email using the subject title 'My Wild Garden Year.


Mawrth Fy Flwyddyn Gardd Gwyllt    March My Wild Garden Year