January- My Wild Garden Year

For this month's My Wild Garden Year challenge, we would like you to put up nest boxes for birds in your garden.

Many garden birds nest or roost in hollow trees and holes in trees. Unfortunately, these days most old and lying trees and branches, which offer the best nesting and roosting sites, are routinely cut down and removed. This leaves fewer places for birds to set up homes and raise families. Specially constructed nest boxes imitate the holes and cavities in
dead standing wood that are usually cleared away. A bird box can be a real help to garden birds - an estimated 2 million fledglings are reared in nest boxes each year. And it's a wonderful feeling to see a blue tit or robin investigating a nest box that you made and put up yourself. What's more, building bird boxes is straightforward and easy - no special carpentry skills are needed.

You can get full instructions for putting up bird boxes by clicking this link and the pictures below, as well as more hints and tips for wildlife gardening in January.

Don't forget to send us your pictures on social media using the hashtag #MyWildGardenYear or on email using the subject title 'My Wild Garden Year.

      Ionawr Fy Flwyddyn Gardd Gwyllt