My Wild Garden Year- Introduction

Did you know that in the UK, there is more land managed as gardens than all the nature reserves across the UK put together? Imagine what a difference we could make for UK wildlife if everyone did gardened with wildlife in mind.

As you probably know, wildlife across the UK is struggling. And sadly, this includes garden wildlife. Studies conducted in 2017 indicate that Hedgehogs have declined by as much as 40% in the last decade [1]. The State of UK Butterflies Report 2011 revealed that ‘common’ garden butterflies had declined by 24% in the last decade [2]. Garden birds have also been hit, for example, HouseSparrows declined by 150 million birds in the past 35 years [3].

So how can you help? There are lots of wildlife friendly features that you can add to your garden to make life just a bit easier for your wildlife neighbours.

This year, we challenge you to make 2018 the year you create a wildlife garden. Each month, we will issue a new challenge to create a particular wildlife feature in your garden/ allotment or wild space. We’d then like you to show us what you have created.

Challenges will be announced on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram on the first Friday of each month, and instructions will be found on this page, so be sure to check back for information and instructions.