The Sea and Me

Looking for things to do in lockdown? Perhaps you are finding your thoughts drifting back to simpler times spent by the coast? If so, why not help our Living Seas team record memories from the Welsh coast?!

New Quay, 1983 © Debbie

What is The Sea and Me?

‘The Sea and Me’ is part of The Living Seas Wales Project, a collaboration launched in 2018 between WTSWW and North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT), funded thanks to the players of The People’s Postcode Lottery and The National Heritage Lottery Fund. 

We are looking to understand how our seas have changed over the years, and to do this, we are hoping to record people’s memories of the marine environment from across the Welsh coast. So far, we have heard from ex-fishermen, holiday makers, wildlife wardens, divers, and locals whose families have lived on the Welsh coast for generations – we are very much hoping you could be next! 

In particular, we are interested in hearing about marine megafauna: people’s encounters with marine wildlife such as dolphinswhales or sharks, for example, as well as memories relating to seabirds or fishing.

Why should we record memories?

We know that our seas are changing, but by recording people’s memories, we have the chance to push back historical baselines, learn more about our past, and open up conversations about the incredible species we share our oceans with!

As time passes, and unlike data already in archives, stories are constantly at risk of being forgotten. That means that time really is of the essence to share your, and your family’s stories.

How can I pass my memories on?

Trefor Harbour, North Wales © Melanie Williams

There are various ways that you can reach out to our Living Seas Team:

Memories can be written down or recorded into an audio or video file. You can also submit photos, letters, postcards, etc.

For more information about the Living Seas Wales Project, please visit: