Perfect Christmas Gifts

Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin

Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin

Adopt a Cardigan Bay Dolphin Or a Dolphin survey Boat Trip Gift Voucher

Looking for something different to buy your loved ones this Christmas? Then let us help you...

You can adopt a Cardigan Bay dolphin for a year for just £30 or buy a Dolphin Survey Boat trip gift voucher, with prices from just £22.50.

Not only are these great presents, but you will also be supporting our vital Living Seas research, education and awareness raising work.

Why adopt with us?

Please Adopt NowBy adopting a really Welsh dolphin through the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre for just £30, you will make a significant contribution not only to the conservation of Cardigan Bay’s dolphins but also to the protection of other local wildlife and the marine environment.

Dolphin by Milly Metcalfe

Dolphin breaching by Milly Metcalfe

Your support will help the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre continue its research and awareness-raising activities to help protect this sensitive environment.

Plus, only we can offer you the chance to see the Cardigan Bay dolphins on a discounted boat trip in conjunction with Dolphin Survey Boat Trips!

Who will you pick? 007, Cadfael, Connie, Marissa or Nick – the choice is yours.

Connie is a popular choice and has been spotted regularly in New Quay over the season. Often seen in New Quay harbour where she spends time foraging with her one year old calf.

Nick was first photographed in April this year and has been seen in New Quay regularly throughout the season. She has also been spotted further afield, photographed by our researchers whilst out on surveys with Dolphin Survey Boat trips.

Dolphin Survey Boat Trip Gift Voucher

Please Buy a Dolphin Survey NowDolphin Survey Boat Trip Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to treat a loved one this Christmas.

Choose from a 2, 4 or All day (minimum 8 hours) survey Gift vouchers with prices starting at £22.50, it really is time to grab that gift!

dolphin boat trip

Dolphin boat trip

Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre work in conjunction with Dolphin Survey Boat Trips , a local eco-tourism boat trip company that has been running wildlife trips from New Quay for over 20 years. By buying a boat trip with Dolphin Survey Boat Trips you are helping support our Living Seas research and survey work.

Join us for a survey, and have a chance to see the Cardigan Bay dolphins in action!

The price includes a presentation voucher, information about the trip, postage and packaging.

To find out more visit our Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre website – or call 01545 560224.

Be sure to order by 14th December to make sure your gifts are dispatched in time for Christmas.