National Marine Week

Mini Marine Biologists Event

Mini Marine Biologists Event

Dolphin Detectives

Dolphin Detectives

Dive into National Marine Week

Join us at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre to celebrate all things in the sea during National Marine Week! A range of events and activities will be running from July 29th to August 13th to encourage people to engage with marine life and appreciate our oceans.

We will kick-start this fortnight of aquatic fun with Marine Mammal Madness on Tuesday August 1st where you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of marine mammals. See how big they can be, hear their underwater vocalisations and examine some real marine mammal skulls!

The festivities continue with Mini Marine Biologists on Thursday August 3rd, which looks in detail at the rocky shore life of Cardigan Bay. This is your opportunity to take part in activities that marine biologists carry out on a daily basis – use equipment such as quadrats and petri dishes to conduct your own mini survey of the shore, then examine the critters you’ve found under a microscope back at our discovery centre.

On Monday August 7th we will celebrate National Marine Week with the stars of Cardigan Bay -our semi-resident population of bottlenose dolphins! During “Dolphin Detective” you will learn all about these charismatic creatures from the way they find their food to why they talk to each other, before heading to join our volunteers on the harbour wall to conduct a land-based survey.

Add some educational fun to your day at the beach with our Strandline Searching event on Tuesday August 8th, where we will be scanning the shore for treasures washed up by the tide such as mermaid’s purses, cuttlebones, jellyfish and more!

Not only will we have these exciting events running throughout National Marine Week, but we will also have a range of self-lead activities available in our Visitor Centre available from 9-6pm every day of the week, including Pledging to make a difference for marine life by creating a special bookmark about what you’re going to do to help nature. You can also have a go at matching different marine animals with the habitat they live in, and create marine masterpiece to show your love for sea life!

Finally, you will have the opportunity to dive into the world of Welsh dolphins yourself using our Virtual Reality 360 experience from August 7th – 13th, which will be available for use on the harbour wall or in our visitor centre. Join us to see for yourself the wonders of marine life, head to our Facebook page for more info.

Booking is essential for events and children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. These events, along with others such as Litter Warriors and Seashore Safari continue regularly throughout the summer holidays, further details can be found on our website by typing “Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre” into the search bar. Booking is not required for self-lead activities and use of the VR and there is no charge, however donations are greatly appreciated.