Adopt Jacky the Dolphin

Jacky the Bottlenose Dolphin

Jacky the Bottlenose Dolphin

Jacky and her new calf

Jacky and her new calf

About Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre's (CBMWC) Winter Research Work

Over the winter period (November-March) Living Seas Volunteers braved the cold weather to undertake land-based watch surveys, when it wasn't raining or too windy! Since November 2016 CBMWC has conducted 95 land based surveys

During winter many of Cardigan Bay’s dolphins travel up to Anglesey and the Isle of Man, so by continuing to conduct land based surveys and our ShoreFin photo –ID project CBMWC are able to monitor and identify the dolphins that stay in the Cardigan Bay area.

About Jacky

Jacky has been photographed regularly since June 2011 and can be identified by the fringe of white pigmentation around her dorsal fin and three white patches on her left side.

In 2013 she gave birth to a calf; Joey (named in the 2016 'Name a Dolphin Competition'), he is now 3 years old and has become independent from his mum.

In December 2016 Jacky was photographed by the ShoreFin team with a new calf, who we estimate to be around 3-4 years old.

Jacky is a favourite of the Living Seas Volunteers as she often comes into New Quay harbour which is unusual behaviour for the local dolphins.

In 2016 Jacky was photographed a total of 66 times and was the most photographed dolphin!

Adopting Jacky

Jacky is the newest of our adopt a dolphin!

By adopting Jacky for just £30 you will make a significant contribution to the conservation of Cardigan Bay’s dolphins, other marine wildlife and the local marine environment. Your support will help us to continue our important research and to inspire visitors through our educational and awareness raising activities.

You will receive a photo of Jacky, a cetacean ID guide, an information booklet, and a cuddly toy dolphin (for children 12 and under), or a CBMWC tote bag (for adults). We will also send you updates on Jacky as well as CBMWC news in the regular newsletters.

To find our more about adopting Jacky call CBMWC via 01545 560224.