Future Fisheries

The aim of the project is to champion a low impact, profitable fishing industry in Wales where marine wildlife also thrives.

Part of our Future Fisheries project has been funded by the Welsh Government’s Nature Fund.

We believe it is important for people to understand and appreciate the marine environment as well as the range of activities and pressures the marine environment faces.

To develop a viable future for local fishers that protects marine wildlife, we also need detailed understanding of Welsh fisheries.

Based on this information we can advise on consumer choice, whilst promoting local sources and outlets for fish.

Through our Future Fisheries project, we hope to encourage the industry and consumers to commit to supporting the principles of ‘local’ and ‘low impact’.

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Welsh Fisheries

Commercial sea fishing takes place all around the Welsh coast.

Larger vessels over 10 metres fish offshore targeting fish such as turbot, brill, sole and scallops.

Smaller boats under 10 metres fish in inshore waters and make up to 90% of the fishing fleet.

They primarily target shellfish such as whelks, lobsters and crabs using low impact methods such as potting.

Our Living Seas: Future Fisheries, The Welsh Fishing Industry report can be downloaded here

fishing boat and fishery patrol

Fishing boat and fishery patrol