Marine Memories Map LAUNCH!

Marine Memories Map © Living Seas Wales

Marine Memories Map © Living Seas Wales

The Living Seas Wales Team are excited to share our brand-new Marine Memories Map with you all!

Throughout the Living Seas Wales Project, our wonderful team of volunteers and staff have been speaking with you, the public, to record your memories of the marine environment. With over 200 incredible stories shared, we knew we had to come up with an exciting way to showcase this part of the Project.

We had initially discussed setting up a travelling exhibition, with the thought of touring Wales with your tales from the deep. However, COVID-19 swiftly put a stop to our plans before they could be fully realized. Undeterred, our team were determined to find a way to showcase your seaside stories to the world. Today, we are presenting our brand-new Marine Memories Map!

Click on the image below to explore further, or alternatively click here!

The BRAND NEW Living Seas Wales Marine Memories Map © Living Seas Wales

The interactive map allows you to delve deeper into our memory collection database, with records dating back as far as 1748! There’s Dive Logs aplenty, unusual sightings, and stories of a life nearly forgotten on our wild Welsh coast.

A huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has been in touch with our Team since 2018! Your memories are truly what has made all of this possible!