Marine Themed RHS Garden

Marine Fun at the RHS Garden

Marine Fun at the RHS Garden

In April 2016 we were lucky enough to be included in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Flower Show in Cardiff for yet another year.

Our show garden this year was marine wildlife themed, this was to support our current appeal and raise awareness of the shocking 39% decline worldwide that we have seen in our marine wildlife. Astonishingly it is predicted that in 2050 there will be more pieces of plastic in the ocean than fish!

We utilised the RHS as an opportunity to reach a wide audience in a short space of time in order to raise some much needed awareness and support for your marine wildlife.

WTSWW’s marketing and communications officer, Rebecca Vincent, stated:

The show was a success with adults and children alike and we manage to raise a huge amount of awareness regarding current marine wildlife conservation issues.

RHS Basking Shark by Out To Learn Willow

RHS Basking Shark by Out To Learn Willow

Included in WTSWW’s garden was a model of a dolphin made from netted wire and filled with beach litter to emphasise the amount of litter that washes up on beaches, of which each piece is a life threatening hazard to declining marine wildlife.

We also included a Basking Shark woven out of willow which highlighted the fact that we have already seen a 95% decrease in these beautiful creatures!

Other features that our garden included was a turf sofa, a rock pool, a beach and maritime plants. There was an area for children’s crafts and volunteers engaged with parents and other members of the public to emphasise the struggle that currently faces our marine world.

This issue is something that everyone can get involved in and we can all do our part to help improve the current state of our marine wildlife before it is too late. If you would like more information why not take a trip to our Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre,where our living seas project is carried out, or visit the marine pages on our website. You can also donate to our Marine Appeal or call 01656 724100.