The secret of the happy surveyor or have emergency umbrella will bimble.

The Happy Surveyor must
Dilly-dally and shilly shally,
Wind and rove
Amble, saunter and dawdle
Digress, meander and shuffle
Mosey, tootle, mooch and bimble
Gallivant, ramble or maybe roam
Happy to take ninety one snaps of
Lovely blurry things sat on a gate
Never be afraid to wait or deviate
Have the patience to pursue an interesting thing
Across, up, down and back again
Glory in the funny looks and the pitying shakes of the head
For they know not what they are missing
And your world is now a little fuller than theirs
Always search for the elusive cure
To the cursed binocular
Never knowingly pass a reference shelf in apathy
For the answer may lie within…

The result of the last few surveys/wanders shown in the photographs are probably a good illustration of what can turn up, some things are all together wonderful and some wonderful but worrying. Bimble is now my new favourite word by the way defined as “to move at a leisurely pace in a friendly and harmless manner without any real aim” I think it defines the happy wanderer.

Errr if anyone does know a cure for the cursed binocular please let me and everyone else know. Have your binoculars and nothing turns up, forget your binoculars and all the rare creatures turn up and practically dance in front of you, let us work together to end this curse.

Graham Watkeys - Taf Fechan warden