Bee Friendly in your Garden

My Wild Neighbourhood for Bees

Bee on cow parsley, Sunnybank NR, Sheffield City Centre

As part of the My Wild Cardiff project, funded with the generous support of the players of People's Postcode Lottery, we are helping neighbourhoods around Cardiff welcome their wildlife neighbours into their gardens.

The neighbourhood around Pontcanna and Canton is surrounded by green spaces and parks, so anything that people can do in their gardens to create more habitat for the wildlife in the area, will help wildlife move from park to park and strengthen the populations.

We are now working to help the Pontcanna and Canton neighbourhood create habitat for bees in their gardens. through the creation of bug hotels, nesting habitat for burrow nesting bees and nectar cafes.

We are holding an event at the Canton Community Garden at Chapter Arts Centre on Monday 10th July, from 6pm-8pm, where local residents can come along and make a mini bug home, plant some seeds to take home and learn more about wildlife gardening. Why not come and join us?

More information from Rose on email or phone 01656 724100